What awaits you in 2017 – year of the rooster

You would like to know what awaits you in 2017? Then you will find a Chinese Horoscope 2017, where you can learn more about your life in the coming year.

In the Chinese horoscope, each “year” is assigned to one of 12 animals. Year is here in quotes since the Chinese horoscope refers to the Chinese year division. The Wintersonnenwende plays a decisive role, as this marks the first day of the New Year. The coming New Year will begin on 28 January 2017 and end on 15 February 2017. You do not know your Chinese zodiac? No problem, here you can find out which zodiac sign you are.

Chinese Horoscope 2017 – Year of Fire Rooster

The coming year will be marked by the fire-cock. It is assumed that people will be less stubborn and polite this year. At the same time, however, they also tend to make their affairs more complicated than they really are. In general, the year is characterized by progress. Since 2017 is the year of the cock, it will be a special year for people with this zodiac.

You can find out what awaits next year 2017 for each sign.

The year 2017 is dominated by the rooster and will therefore be one of the best years for people with this zodiac. In all areas of life the chances are good for some success. The most important thing is that cocks should keep a cool head and should not exaggerate. Carefully the work of the cock has finally paid off; The chances are good for a promotion or a great job offer. From a professional point of view, therefore, everything is going to be “crammed”. Nevertheless, this should not be an occasion to spend an excessive amount of money. Of course, the one or the other output can be made, but you should always keep an eye on the account so that even for bad times is provided. The love life of the rooster blossoms in 2017: Whether you can finally find the great love, an engagement is pending, or a new generation is expected: As long as people with star signs Hahn believe in the future and will not depend on the past, everything will develop positively. This also applies to the circle of friends. When cocks meet their friends sympathetically and openly, the year will also develop in this regard in the best way.

Chinese horoscope 2017 – dog

The year 2017 promises for the dog success at all levels. The motivation and the energy return to the people with a star sign dog and there will be many new opportunities and possibilities that enrich the life. Even if dogs in the previous years at work have already given everything and it was not appreciated: In 2017 this has an end. A promotion is very likely provided the dog jumps over its shadow and asks what is due to him. This can also have an impact on the financial situation, since whoever takes advantage of the opportunities of this advantageous time as a dog will in any case profit by 2017. Private life will also have an upswing. It is likely that an exciting journey will be imminent and one of the partners for life is on the way. Dogs will be able to use their diplomatic channels in 2017, should conflicts arise and demonstrate their talent.

Chinese Horoscope 2017 – Pig

In 2017, the pig has to take his own luck in his hand, then numerous improvements will open up. If people with a zodiac sign pig have gained enough experience and competence in the professional world, a promotion can be expected. If the employer himself does not come to offer them a promotion, the pig should take the things themselves into the hand. Questions does not cost anything! Even in private life the pig can have a great time, provided it is not arrogant. If problems occur, people with zodiac pigs should always solve this together with the family. In general it is worthwhile for the house peace to plan many activities with the family. Pigs should try to spend a lot of time in nature and maybe adopt a new sport. If you have not yet found a partner as a pig, you will have the opportunity to meet a new partner in 2017. The chances are good to be betrothed by the end of the year, provided there is a relationship.